There is a solution to climate change that treats everyone fairly

It's called Carbon Dividends

Carbon pricing is the most effective way to stop climate change.
Carbon Dividends are the fairest and most effective way to deal with the revenue from the price carbon.
It is best way of ensuring the NZ emissions trading scheme can help New Zealand to meet its goals.
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About Citizens' Climate Lobby

CCL empowers everyday people to work together on climate change solutions. Our supporters are organized in more than 550 local groups around the world. Together we're building support for a non-partisan solution to climate change.

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We welcome anyone who is serious about solving climate change as a volunteer. And we work with members of parliament across the political spectrum to find common ground on climate change solutions.

We believe relationships are the most important driver because they are the key to understanding other peoples' views and sharing ours with them.

Our supporters make meaningful contributions every day that drive our mission forward, whether it's building relationships with their members of parliament, local businesses, media and more. CCL provides training and tools to help you maximize your skills.

We know climate change is a big problem. We stay focused on a national, legislative solution that will reduce our emissions, fast.

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