CCLNZ Submission to Climate Change Commission

Citizens’ Climate Lobby New Zealand has made a submission to the Climate Change Commission on its Draft Advice Report 2021. CCLNZ has called for the Climate Change Commission to include more advice in its report regarding policies to make carbon pricing politically acceptable and fair.

CCLNZ has recommended that New Zealand adopts a Carbon Dividend to recycle revenue from the ETS back to the population through a pro-rata dividend paid direct. CCLNZ has commissioned Infometrics to undertake modelling of a Carbon Dividend. The results of that study are that the Carbon Dividend provides:

* a 25% decrease in emissions in 2050
* a 2% increase in private consumption
* a 1% increase in real gross national disposable income (the best measure of economic wellbeing)
* the Carbon Dividend is progressive, disproportionately benefiting those on lower incomes.

A carbon Carbon Dividend would therefore make the ETS more effective and politically acceptable while improving economic wellbeing and making our transition to a low carbon economy fair for all New Zealanders.

CCLNZ has also recommended that New Zealand adopts a Carbon Fee (with revenues also being applied to the Carbon Dividend as well) alongside the ETS to provide best practice carbon pricing with higher quality medium and long term price signals, to avoid carbon lock-in and improve New Zealand’s chances of meeting its climate targets without substantial reliance on costly overseas mitigation.

CCLNZ’s submission (with the Infometrics study attached) can be downloaded at